Say your website is about “breast augmentation” or you are a cosmetic surgeon, what is your biggest challenge? You may have even asked “why you are not getting the leads that you hope for”. It is known that you must first be discovered or listed on top places of search engine result pages to get the traffic and visitors to your website.
Plastic surgeons’ website are among the best and most beautiful that I have come across, but what is worst than not having a website? Most will not know what to say. It is understandable, because what plastic surgeons know best is to make beautiful women (and men) even more beautiful. I on the other hand; think there is no point in having a beautiful website that do not bring in leads to your business! The fundamental truth about the internet is; it is a big advertising platform. And the core reason to have a website is to put your business and brand out there, to increase your business visibility. To elevate your authority which in this case, to be the authoritative figure in the cosmetic surgery fraternity. The “Go To” cosmetic surgeon if I may say so.
Essentially, if the services provided are such as breast augmentation, breast implants, cosmetic surgery, liposuction, plastic surgery, breast reduction, breast enlargement, breast lift, breast surgery, breast reduction surgery then within the copy of the website, these services should be mentioned at least twice within the website.

To further understand what I meant, let’s take a lot at Google Keyword Planner for a Perth cosmetic surgeon, Dr Edward Van Beem, his website is ranked for the keywords below:

Ed Van Beem

There are on average 70 searches per month by people looking for Dr Edward Van Beem. They are most probably people who are Dr Edward Van Beem’s existing clients that know him by name or who have heard about him from friends.
Let’s take a look at another Perth Plastic Surgeon, Dr Peter Randle – his average searches per month is 50.

Dr Peter Randle

Statistically, there is no difference between Dr Edward Van Beem and Dr Peter Randle on the amount of traffic from their respective websites, but I can safely say that Dr Peter Randle is getting more new leads from his website than Dr Edward Van Beem, see Plastic surgeons and SEO
  • Why does Dr Peter Randle get more leads from his website than Dr Edward Van Beem?
  • How does Dr Peter Randle differentiate his practice with other Perth Plastic Surgeons?
Advertising off course! However there is one long term drawback. When you advertise, you will get instant exposure and leads but what is your strategy for your business long term sustainability and profitability? What happen when you stop your advertising? This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. When advertising is done in conjunction with SEO; you are essentially building a lean mean lead machine.
Let’s now take a look at a case study, which I have done recently. The website is On 30.3.2014, I noted that was ranked for four keywords.
Plastic Surgery SEO
Figure: ranking analysis on 30/3/2014
My engineer started the SEO case study for on 30.3.2014.  My instructions to him was no expenses would be spared to get this website ranked, concentrate full time on this campaign for six weeks.
Here is the result on 3.4.2014
Plastic Surgery SEO
 Figure: ranking analysis on 3/4/2014
Two new keywords started to rank on page 3 of Google:
  • Perth plastic surgeons
  • plastic surgeons Perth
The average monthly search volume for these two keywords is listed below:
Plastic Surgeons Perth
By 15.4.2014, we added another three (3) keywordsPlastic Surgery SEO
Figure: ranking analysis on 15/4/2014
Below are the five additional keywords within page 3 of Google since the start of the case study:
Six of your keywords ie
  • breast surgery Perth
  • Perth plastic surgeons
  • plastic surgeons Perth
  • plastic surgeons Peth Australia
  • plastic surgeon Western Australia
Its monthly search volume is listed belowBreast Surgery Perth

 On 21.4.2014, two (2) more keywords were starting ranked

Plastic Surgery SEO

Figure: ranking analysis on 21/4/2014

taking new keywords to a total of seven (7)
  • breast surgery Perth
  • cosmetic surgery Perth
  • Perth plastic surgeons
  • plastic surgeons Perth
  • plastic surgeons Peth Australia
  • plastic surgeon Western Australia
  • plastic surgery Perth
Monthly search average volume listed below
Plastic Surgery Perth
 The total monthly search volume for these keywords are about 1,100.
On 2.5.2014, the ranking of these keywords continue to climb p the search engine result pages

Plastic Surgery SEO

 You can see from the above, when the targeted keywords are not mentioned in the website, it would be pretty difficult to rank for such with off-page SEO properties, in the case of these keywords were not ranked

  • breast augmentation
  • breast implants
  • cosmetic surgery
  • liposuction
  • plastic surgery
  • breast reduction
  • breast enlargement
  • breast lift
  • breast reduction

Cumulatively, these keywords will account for additional of almost 2,500 local searches per month in Perth!

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