Search Engine Optimisation SEO Offer

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Search Engine Optimisation SEO Offer

You may have heard it all about search engine optimisation! SEO is expensive; SEO is not quick fixes; SEO is this and that. In reality, SEO need not be costly for the small business to start. You will want to grow your website gradually, and it takes years. There is no silver bullet!

Too many start-up businesses get sucked into expensive monthly SEO packages for no foreseeable return. You do not want to invest thousands of dollars on your website when you are just starting.


SEO for small business is affordable; here is what we see for your website progression.

  1. Nothing happens for a new website for at least eight to 12 months as your site are not ranked for any keywords, not even on page 100!
  2. As your SEO campaign progresses, you will see gradual impression increase on your web analytics, but what is the impression? An impression is when Google returns your website on their search result page irrespective which page you are on.
  3. In the early months, your impressions may be mostly on say position 60 in the example below — nothing exciting when you are not on page #1.
  4. When your impression increases so will be the clicks to your website, as some odd and random person may scroll down to pages beyond page #1 to view results or perhaps some of your pages are appearing on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are search phrases with three or more words.
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This SEO for small business is specifically catered for new start up business on a budget. The expectation is to grow your website presence over the long term, no quick fixes, no hypes and no BS.

At the end of the day, we want you to stay with us for years, that is the reason why we have created this package for the small businesses.


Would you like to start your SEO with us?

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