The practice of effective SEO in Perth isn’t unlike anywhere else in the world. While some people may look at the field as a relatively simple undertaking, there’s actually more to SEO than meets the eye. Inexperienced business owners trying to make sense of SEO as a whole are bound to commit mistakes. As Forbes contributor Eric Enge notes:

Most Common SEO

These mistakes result because there are many different types of publishers out there, with greatly differing levels of knowledge and approaches. These fall into 4 different groups:

  1. People who don’t really know what SEO is, so they don’t know that they should do something about it.
  2. People who have bad information about SEO, so they do the wrong thing.
  3. People who engage in SEO and knowingly violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  4. People who understand SEO and attempt to abide by Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Here are some of the most common SEO mistakes being made.

Low-quality content – It has been said numerous times that effective SEO relies heavily on good-quality content, pieces that readers would find worthwhile. Poor-quality content are easily identifiable because of sloppy grammar, bad presentation, wrong topic, and assumptions without supporting research.

Overstuffing Meta tags with searchable keywords – Search engines are getting “smarter.” Overstuffing might be a trick that worked in the past, but not today. It is much ideal to be known better by using a few keywords than be bypassed despite using hundreds. When a person or a company itself over-optimizes a keyword phrase multiple times, search engines are sure to penalize the action and adversely affect a page ranking.

Thin content – Unlike purely low-quality content, thin content is different in such terms that it may be well-written in terms of form, but provide minimal or unimportant information nonetheless. Contrary to popular belief, content thinness doesn’t necessarily correspond to word count; a relatively short but extremely stacked article from a reliable site is sure to rank higher than a lengthy post from a poorly received site, despite having the same keyword.

Choosing the wrong keywords – A keyword that doesn’t even relate to a website’s overall content is practically useless. Updates like Google’s Panda have been released to provide the most relevant content to associate with queries, which is why optimizing keywords correctly and in accordance to a site’s overall theme will bring about increased traffic over time.

Avoiding these mistakes is possible by two methods: self-reading on everything SEO, or enlisting the help of local Perth SEO companies like SmallBizSEO. Either way, effective SEO begins with the avoidance to the aforementioned errors.

(Source: The 7 Most Common SEO Mistakes, Forbes, May 20, 2014)