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* includes GST and 10% increase annually.

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Why is our SEO campaign perfect for the small business

Our SEO campaign is specifically developed with the small business in mind. We know when you are starting your business, your finances and budget will be tight, you will not have the luxury to spend big on your digital marketing. This is the reason we recommend you to start slow, while you get your business on firm ground you will also want to build your digital foundations without breaking the bank.

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10% increase annually
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IF Monthly Quote
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* Only then it will make sense to graduate into monthly campaign.

DFY SEO ready website

Done for You (DFY) SEO ready website for $1,200 inclusive of GST for clients in Australia

Search engine optimisation

Our SEO Traction starter package is exclusive for our SEO Ready website clients. It's priced at $1,200 per year.

Paid advertising

If you want quick results, paid advertising is the way to go, but be warn you will need bigger ads budget.

Social media

Every business should be on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

web analytics

Web analytics

Get your online intelligence from no other than Google, know what page and keywords are indexed and ranked

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We recommend ... Pay per Click

We only run campaigns on SEO ready websites

What is SEO ready websites

SEO ready website are websites that are built based on best practice compliance, below are some of the recommendations we look at in websites for successful campaigns


Why SmallBiz SEO

It looks like every dog and his best friend has a website, and you wanted one as well. Before you go getting one, ask yourself why? why and why!

You must always begin with the end in mind. Ultimately, what do you want your website to do for you and your business? Do you want it to generate new leads and grow your business? Or do you want it to end up like millions of websites in Google’s digital graveyards

Web developers come in many shapes and forms, each will emphasise on a different area of expertise. Some will focus on the aesthetics, others may be on user experience or both. The charges are pretty much based on their interaction time with the clients and time needed for development.

Over the years, we came across many websites developed not ripe for ranking on Google, meaning to say those websites are hard to rank or even unrankable!

SmallBiz SEO focus on SEO ready websites. We make no excuses for using templates for our web development. Using templates are the quickest way to get a website up and going at a budget, but what set us apart from others is our SEO strategies build onto the websites.

Imagine our frustration with web developers. In one instance, the web developer mistakenly deleted the enquiry form on the website! Who gets the blame when enquiries suddenly stopped? Hence our decision to offer web development to new businesses.

Time is really your best friend

We now only work for SEO clients that did their websites with us. We know from start that the websites are SEO ready. And we can take you on a journey to realistically grow gradually over time.

There is no point spending thousands on the get-go. Time is really your best friend as far as ranking your website. We do not recommend you to rush or hastily spending big without any guarantee on returns. Once the site is live, get Google to tell us what pages and keywords are ranking. Over time, the analytics will direct us on what to focus our SEO effort on. Yes, Google will let us know how your website is performing.

google web analytics

It’s normal; nothing exciting will occur in the first eight to 12 months of starting your SEO campaign. During this period, you don’t want to be spending $1000s every month just to get traction online. Perhaps at most $100 to $300 per month!

For all our website clients, we have our SEO Traction starter package for only AU$1,200/ year … once again ~ time is really your best friend!

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