What is SEO And How Does It Work?


Can get me to get to page 1 of Google for my keyword?

No! …

… why only 1 or 10 keywords? Instead, you need all possible keywords. Searches are now more personalised, embellished, localised, enriched and as flexible as possible without harming the relevancy of results. This provides a greater chance for business owners to reach a wider audience. However, it is not all that good for SEO micro-managers because keyword rankings have little meaning these days. Truthfully though, it is a good thing, since keyword rankings were not all that good in the first place. Besides, who really cares about rankings when it is more important to look at traffic!

SmallBiz SEO Perth - It is really about the traffic

How can you perform appropriate keyword research when you are not involved in my business?

It may be true that I am no expert in the business you own, but I would like to be if you will help me. Seriously, we could become the dynamic duo of the digital world if we combined your business knowledge with my SEO know how. We could really rock your world! Keyword research involves search intent, search volume, relevance, search trends, data analysis and so much more. It is my job to familiarise myself with your business and then I can use that knowledge for keyword research to locate the perfect keyword and drive relevant visitors to the appropriate landing page of your website.

How do I benefit with such a partnership?

You benefit from my skills, assets and knowledge. My purpose is to accelerate your business, create or improve your marketing plan, strategize, increase your brand awareness, increase profits, and so forth. You should not be looking for better optimization templates or keywords.

What’s the matter with the SEO we currently use?

We should not be focusing on what might be wrong, but on what improvements we can make. It isn’t a few mistakes on your website that has led to missed revenue opportunities, but rather a combination and accumulation of mistakes that have weighed it down.

What is my ROI if I hire you?

It is difficult to calculate return on investment, but we can assist in arriving at an appropriate number. We can estimate traffic increase, conversions and revenue as well as other potential. Increased potential comes from targeted search marketing and optimization of conversions etc. with SEO, positive ROI is a given.

It is important that you evaluate the value of every visitor to your site and the worth of every call your business receives. Knowing the numbers is half the battle.

Thank you?

The golden rule is worth remembering. It isn’t about marketing, concepts or products. What is it about is SEO. It’s also about delivering results to you, knowing your business and building upon that so that the phone starts ringing off the wall again!