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Search Engine Optimisation involve many steps to take to ensure optimal rankings within a search engine. There are many factors that affect how your website will rank on search engine websites, the quality of your website content, how often certain keywords are used, and Meta information. However, some of the steps taken to ensure optimal rankings within a search engine are somewhat more important than others.

What is SEO not?

What is SEO, it is not a get rich quick opportunity. SEO is not for everybody. SEO is not the only way a company or website can become successful on or off line. SEO does drive traffic to your website. The formula for SEO is Traffic X Conversion Rate equals success. The conversion part of the equation is the part that turns the traffic generated into customers. SEO is an important part but Conversion is not a part of SEO.

What is SEO needed for?

For business and to be found, that plain and simple. People everywhere have gotten to where he or she will research an item or business before they pursue it. So, if a person does research online it stands to reason you want your website or business ranked at the top of the list on any of the various search engines online.

What is SEO specialist duties?

SEO specialists are educated people who know exactly what SEO is and what is SEO does for a company or website. A specialist can tweak your website until it is ranked high on the list of a search engine.

Things and SEO specialist should be able to do for your website:

  • Write down the goals you want to obtain for your website
  • Research what keywords will best suit your type of website
  • Compile a list of the best keywords that will rank your website high
  • Analyze what may or may not need rewritten on your website
  • Implement Meta information and Titles that the SEO based on the results of the research on keywords.
  • Provide data on the websites results of the visibility and performance

What is SEO in terms of business?

What is SEO importance is the business of websites rankings? SEO can be really important for businesses with websites to get their name out there to many potential customers before other companies snatch them all up. If your company does not have the right representation or online presence with the proper keywords, you might as well pack it up. Most people when research a place of business and their products and services will only go with the websites located on the first page of results. Not many people will check out the second page of results much less the tenth page of results. You can get the proper representation of your website with a topnotch SEO specialist.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation? | SEO Perth

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