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What is website optimisation? Optimising your website is creating or designing your website so that the website will rank high on the search engine results. Nobody wants his or her website located past page one of the search engine results page. Website optimization is for those who are very serious about wanting to generate money from his or her business. Search engines may have changed a little as to how they rank a webpage. For example, some use Meta tags and some do not to help rank a webpage.

When a company uses website optimisation for the websites on-page factors they will have to use enhanced keyword content that is not only rich but valuable and is updated on a regular basis. You must stay on top of the updates in order to stay on top rankings of search engines!

IMPORTANT TIP: Too much clutter tends to make the pages look awful or hard to understand. When using website optimisation you can use your keywords in your domain name.
TIP: Do not overuse the keywords in your domain name. Many website designers will use keywords in most URL’s on each page of the website and in the title or headings on each page and in the links included on the pages.
TIP: Again, make sure not to overuse keywords!

When using website optimisation it is good to play with your keywords; meaning, use the synonyms of the original keyword. When writing about your products and services for your company make sure your spread out the use of your keywords throughout the text of the pages. TIP: Make sure at least one keyword is located in the first and last paragraph of any page. Do not make your webpage sound too robot like and make sure people can understand what you are saying. For example, if a child decides to look up your company you want them to understand the content and you want to keep his or her attention. Use HTML markup and keep every keyword in bold, this will put an emphasis on your keywords throughout your website pages. TIP: Make sure you update your pages often. Most people are mistaken if they believe a search engine ranks the websites they only rank the pages!

One type of website optimisation is the website spider. A spider is a form of a search engine. Spidering will allow you to go onto other websites and pull information from those websites onto your website bypassing the copy and paste methods most people will use. The way a spider type search engine works, you tell the spider what to look for and they pull information that is relevant for your website from other websites. When a person decides on purchasing spider software he or she must first decide what he or she would like the spider to look for such as, do you want a data spider, email, or fax spider. TIP: Make sure your website optimisation codes are easy to read to the spider and people who visit your website.

Website optimisation is a key factor that can make or break the ranking of your website within the search engine results. Website optimization is (or should be) at the top of your list when creating and designing your website for your business. Without website optimization, potential customers may never view you and your online presence is important for the success of your company!

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