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Finalising the best online business website design means more than just selecting the right font and the appropriate background color. Getting customers to visit your webpage means you have to start with effective SEO research and web design to create from top to bottom the best keyword oriented site that will gain maximum exposure while not coming across like a low rent spam website.

SEO or search engine optimization means you are placing keywords or key phrases in every aspect of your website to create the greatest potential of being seen by search engines. A keyword is a word that is commonly used by potential customers when looking up information on a product or service on a search engine. For example, if someone was interested in “widgets”, they might type in widgets into the search engine and look at the results. The more often a keyword is used for a particular product or service, the more likely a website that incorporates that keyword will have their site seen by potential customers.

Effective website design begins with the domain name, the address or URL of your website. If you are selling “widgets” for example, then your domain name should reflect that, either directly or indirectly depending on what keyword or key phrase is used. The importance of incorporating keywords into your domain name cannot be stressed enough, especially for a business that specializes in one product or service.

The next step is good website design is using the first words of the title tag, the HTML heading tags from H1 to H6 need to incorporate the appropriate keywords or key phrases to make the most likely to be picked up by search engines. While it may seem you are going overboard at times, what you are really looking for is to build from within an effective keyword pattern that search engines will pick up but your potential customers will see as a natural inclusion. This balancing act is important when establishing good SEO web design for your online business.

Your index page should be filled with good, quality content. A rambling of keywords will only result in those who visit your site to go somewhere else. Your home page should consist of at least 300 words or more of good quality content about your business, what you offer, and any other important information. You will want to avoid the technique of using hidden keywords because that can label your website as “spam”. And remove any legitimacy you might otherwise have.

You’ll want to link text for outgoing links to other parts of your site. This makes your website look more usable and natural. Plus, handy drop down boxes can be created with the help of the “Select” tag. This adds value and ease of use to those who visit your site.

And finally, have a few of your keywords highlighted, either by printing them in bold letters, italicized, or underlined. This adds emphases to what your business is and as long as you provide good, solid content, will seem natural and help you generate more sales.


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