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    What is website optimisation? Optimising your website is creating or designing your website so that the website will rank high on the search engine results. Nobody wants his or her website located past page one of the search engine results page. Website optimization is for those who are very serious about wanting to generate money from his or her business. Search engines may have changed a little as to how they rank a webpage. For example, some use Meta tags and some do not to help rank a webpage. When a company uses website optimisation for the websites on-page factors they will have to use enhanced keyword content that is…

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    Finalising the best online business website design means more than just selecting the right font and the appropriate background color. Getting customers to visit your webpage means you have to start with effective SEO research and web design to create from top to bottom the best keyword oriented site that will gain maximum exposure while not coming across like a low rent spam website. SEO or search engine optimization means you are placing keywords or key phrases in every aspect of your website to create the greatest potential of being seen by search engines. A keyword is a word that is commonly used by potential customers when looking up information…

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