For article 1 – Require 500 words – keyword is Referral Marketing

Article 1 is about friend and friends’ friend referral type of marketing strategies

Here are some points that I have written but no time to finish.


The number one question that kept business owners awake; and more so for the new business start-up is “where is my next customer going to come from?”

If you are relying on friends and friend’s friend, may have struck gold and are at the tip of the iceberg … that is if you do it right, ie you render darn good services each and every time or your products are among the best money can buy. Your friends and friend’s friend will eventually become your raving fans. I for one will have no hesitation to recommend you to my friend. It is these raving fans that you want in your business. This concept is not new but somehow businesses still struggle with it. Referral based marketing is the best form of marketing strategy, but it is depended on your reputation. Here is my take on what Referral Marketing all about.

Reputation increases Referrals and Recommendations, Reduces Risk and Resistance to do business with you

So at the end of the day, your reputation is very important for your business long term viability and survival. Only from good reputation, you can build a referral based marketing strategy that will bring you a constant supply of new leads to do business with you.

Assuming you have a pretty good reputation, your friends and friends’ friend are giving you all the referrals you need. How would it affect your business bottom line?

Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario, for your referral from friends



For Article 2 – 500 words – Keyword = PPC

Article 2 is about getting referrals from Google.

SERP = Search Engine Result Page.

talk about our buddy Google, you figures may look like below. For Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising your leads will not be free, you will need to pay Big G for every visitor that came to your site from Google.



The maximum cost that you could afford to pay Google is $3.12 just to break even! In other words if you are paying Google $3.12 per visitor, you might as well keep your money and sleep in.

Every cents that you reduce from $3.12 will be your profit!

Although the figures seemed to stack against the business owner, but when you do your calculation and you know your metric PPC can be very profitable for the business owners.




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