Strong brands have more power to retain customers and acquire new ones, and have more amplification power—leading to the brand bandwagon effect.

A branding mantra must encourage you to build the brand so that customers are attracted to it. Customers are always looking to identify with brands. They will stay with brands with which they share aspirations and beliefs.

A brand needs to have a personality. The customers you want to target, must find the mixture of characteristics in the brand appealing. A professor at the business school, Stanford Graduate, Jennifer Aaker gave a brand personality five dimensions;ruggedness, sophistication, sincerity, competence and excitement. These are known as “Dimensions of Brand Personality.

The value of a brand has a direct relationship to what the value of a business can be. This means that any growth in business results from building up the brand. When you build a brand you need something that is different from others and not just a design or symbol to identify your services and products,the use of a clever sign, or just a catchy name. The brand must also identify with positive associations and values, that as a set, are what the customer is looking for. You must also be successful at communicating these attributes to the targeted customers.

You need to build up the presence of a brand, its performance, advantage and relevance, so that you form an instant bond with customers.

What is the necessity of building a brand? It has been established, through research, that most customers will buy new products from brands that they are familiar with, rather than trying out a new one.

The brand pyramid, envisaged by Millard Brown, also clearly demonstrates how the expenditure that customers make on a brand is proportional to the strength of the brand. Category expenditure share, or “share of wallet” has an inverse relation to the brand strength.When brands are at their initial stage, and just establishing their presence, they account for twelve percent of the spending on that category of goods or services. The bonds that have bonded with their customers, and which are at the pyramid peak, will take away forty percent of the spending.

Optimise your Brand

Why is it necessary to optimize your brand? Stock market data over a period of six years have established, that as time goes by, strong brands increase in value. These strong brands find it easy to retain customers, attract new ones and thus amplify business, which gives them the advantage of the brand bandwagon effect.

Building brands helps you to get more customers. When you optimize them, your customer base will increase.

You Need To Invest In Your Brand Today

It is a fact that even your toughest competitors are now concentrating their marketing efforts on brand building and ways to optimize it, through increased spending on these aspects. It has been established in studies, that 63 percent of market strategies include an increase in budgets for brand advertising. The increase that is planned is twenty percent or more for one out of every five businesses.

What this means, is that your competitors will spend a lot of money on their branding, which you are ignoring at the moment. This is not the way to do business.

Ask For Our Help If You Want To Know About Building and Optimizing Your Brand

Web Design

We can help to build a website and design a logo for you, or redesign your logo if you need it. Our web design service can ensure a design that is mobile friendly so that you can tap into your growing list of mobile customers.

A mobile friendly site attracts 67 percent of potential customers.
When sites were designed for mobile users, companies reported higher sales in 62 percent of the cases.

Optimizing for Social Media

The social media optimization that we can do for your brand, will increase your reach and enable you to engage with mote prospective customers. As this engagement of connections, followers, fans and friends increases, so does the amplification factor, which further extends your reach and ability to engage with customers.

When purchase decisions are made, forty six percent of the users depend on social media.
Take our help to publishing your promos while your brand creates a buzz in the niche and locality you want to be in, through the use of the services we can give you for local marketing. Promos help to promote loyalty from existing customers, while they also get new leads.

When searches are made through mobiles, 78 percent of these translate into purchases.
Where the same searches are made through laptops or personal computers, the chances of purchase come down to 59 percent.
Purchasing through tablet searches is of the order of 77 percent.

Remarketing and Pay Per Click Advertising

When you use the pay per click advertising services that we offer, you can target customers who use major search engines to look for the services and products that you can give them. This helps to increase the visibility of your brand, while you only need to pay for clicks.

Broadcast TV advertising that brought in revenues of $40.1 billion, has been left behind by online advertising that netted $42.8 billion in the year 2013. This is an indication of the increasing number of people who prefer to search online for products and services.

PPC Remarketing can take your advertising up a notch. People who have visited your website and have not yet converted into customers, will have ads displayed on the websites they visit and which are part on the Google network. Your banner ads will thus be on display all over the web, and remain as reminders to people who have visited your site. This enforces brand awareness, and recall and recognition of your brand, while the cost comes back to you only when a user clicks on your ads.

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Strong brands have more power to retain customers and acquire new ones, and have more amplification power—leading to the brand bandwagon effect.

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