Website Audit

Get a Professional Review and Analysis of your Website to Fix Issues that may have a negative impact on your rankings.

Having your company’s website found on Page 1 of the world’s most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, is remarkable; however, you should not let your guard down even for a moment. You may be on Page 1 today, but you may no longer be there after a day or a week, if you are not vigilant and aware of the threats that lurk.

Let SmallBiz SEO help keep your website from losing the much-coveted Page 1 position through our website audit services. We’ll also make sure that you’re always several steps ahead of the competition.

How a Site Audit Works

Website Audit involves a professional review and analysis of your website and all of its key areas like the content that the public sees and inbound links, among others. In essence, Website Audit works like a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your website to determine and identify errors and other issues that potentially affect your online ranking.

We cover vital areas of concern through web design and web structure analysis, backlinks analysis, duplicate content analysis, target keywords analysis, and URL architecting. We also address Meta description and page title issues, as well as page and link errors, just to name a few.

The Winning Edge

Investing in online marketing solutions like SEO, PPC, and social media optimisation provides a significant advantage, but without conducting a reliable Website Audit prior to their implementation, you will never get to enjoy that decisive winning edge. We will carefully go through your entire website to determine and correct all the faults, both big and small, so you will be able to maximise the various online marketing solutions you are planning to implement.

Moreover, we will also protect your website from upcoming algorithm changes by Google, which have affected businesses from around the world. We’ll ensure that your site complies with the latest algorithm updates by removing content of poor quality and any traces of web spamming.

Call SmallBiz SEO and take the first major step that leads to success.

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