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One of the more effective methods of helping get your online business more noticed is by incorporating Search Engine Optimization” or SEO into your marketing plan. Knowing how to SEO can help you create more targeted customer traffic to your website and generate more sales. Online businesses can greatly benefit in focusing their marketing efforts into getting the right people to visit their sight.

Knowing how to SEO begins with understanding what SEO is. For all the materials you post on your website or in ads, articles, and blog posts you may post on other sites. They are designed to attract viewers ultimately to your website to purchase your products or services. All of this written material is filled with words or phrases that can be found on search engines.

So if for example you sell “widgets” and you write an article about “widgets” on another site, a person who searches the web for “widgets” may see your article listed depending on how many times you used that particular word or perhaps a phrase that the person was searching for. These words or phrases are known as “keywords” and “key phrases”. The number of which will determine how close to the top of the first page of “searches” the person who is looking up the information will find.

Keywords are the most important factor in knowing how to SEO effectively. Not only do you want to use effective keywords in your advertizing, but in all aspects of what you are selling, including the domain name, web pages and website copy. The more you incorporate effective keywords, the better the chances that those who are searching for your product or service will find you.

In knowing how to SEO, the first step is to figure out the amount of keywords you want, so in the case of “widgets” you will certainly want that keyword, but perhaps other phrases such as “where to buy a widget” this is likely to be close to what a person uses to search for in trying to purchase that item.

The next step is researching just how many keywords can be useful in the material you want to publish. You may be presented with a great number of keywords related to the topic. From that list, you will want to then par it down by comparing the domain names available and apply them to the appropriate pages on your website. Ideally, you want to have 1 to 3 keywords per page incorporated into your domain.

Now that you have built a website that is keyword or key phrased correctly, now you’ll want to subsequently model all of your marketing efforts to augment your site and include the keywords or key phrases necessary. This means when publishing a post or article on another site, to include the key words that can help those searching for information about your product or service find what you have produced easier. This leads to generating targeted customer traffic to your site and thus, more potential profit for your business.

Knowing how to SEO can not only expand your business greatly, it can also save you plenty of time, effort, and money that would be wasted on unproductive advertizing efforts.


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