SEO Helps Increase Sales

If you owned a restaurant in Perth, would you be interested for someone in Adelaide finding your business listing or website? Most probably not. To increase sales, you must first reach your target audience. You will want people within your surrounding areas to find you, and this is where your website targeted for your local audience will help your business increase your sales and turnover. Many business owners know the benefits of local advertising and target audience, hence the popularity of paid search listing as Google Adwords. You too can get on board of the Google Adwords bandwagon to increase your business visibility, but one other better way is to strategically position your website on page #1 of the organic search result pages.


In fact, organic seo is one of the best marketing strategies available to brand your products or services. When your website is organically listed on page #1 of search engine result pages, you are presenting your business to people who is looking for your products or services and ready to buy!


Localised search optimisation is particularly effective for small businesses, as the user will most probably will type in very specific long-tail keywords or phrase in their search, such as “best chinese restaurant Perth” as oppose to “chinese restaurant”. It has been proven that long-tailed niche keywords or phrases have far higher sales conversion rates, resulting from the proper geo-targeting. If your business deliver services within a certain geo-radius from office or home, targeting national or global audience will be a waste of your money.


And on the other hand, local SEO won’t benefit you as much if you are selling to a national or international audience. A company that offers a nationwide or global services will need a different approach instead of the localised strategy described.


For those who are unsure or considering the benefits of SEO campaigns to help increase our sales and ROI, I will suggest that you speak to a local SEO professional whether local SEO is the right strategy for you. If you are still struggling to understand the benefits of SEO, SmallBizSEO will be able to help guide you to the correct direction.

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