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To paraphrase a popular axiom, if you create an online business but no one sees your product, do you really exist? In the world of online marketing, creating a steady flow of high quality traffic to your website is an absolute must. All the time, money, and effort spent on building your website is meaningless if no one knows it is there, which is why search engine submission is an important factor in helping to get your business noticed and potential customers to check out your products or services.

A search engine submission is basically a way or method to get your website listed on the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. In many cases, a search engine submission is fairly simple after you publish your website online, a simple application to the search engine index where it might be accepted or not.

The fact that not all application are accepted has allowed for the rise of online companies who promise that for a fee they will perform a search engine submission for your website to “thousands” of search engines or search services. A strange promise for sure since almost all search engines subscribe to a common provider. Plus, there are perhaps only a dozen or so search engines that most people actually use on a day to day basis. These are the ones you need for a search engine submission.

It’s far better to do a search engine submission when your website has been modified to better fit the guidelines that the popular search engines require, that their search engine “spider” can see. Plus, you can submit new pages from your website as well, but be sure not to just keep re-submitting the page unless you have made significant changes. Keep in mind that a search engine submission may have a daily page limit and you do not want to exceed that. So if for example you have six new pages and the daily search engine submission limit is three, then divide the entries equally on two different days.

If you are starting out and you simply want to get your home page listed, then make sure that the links to all of your pages are structured so that the search “spider” can find them and then do a search engine submission on your home page.

Unless you’ve done some real changes, don’t bother to re-submit a page to a search engine site as if it didn’t accept it before, you haven’t done enough to get it accepted now. It’s better to simply go on to other pages or do some extensive reworking before doing another search engine submission on that particular page.

While resubmitting your page does not get you banned if it is rejected, most sights will only consider a search engine submission once a year and so it certainly is not worth resubmitting your site within that time frame unless you have done some extensive reworking.

Effective search engine submission combines the knowledge of what type of pages have been successfully submitted and making sure that your web design and SEO meet all the standards before making the search engine submission request.

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