Reach Your Audience

Lets start with the concept of whittling down your target audience.  The first thing that you need to decide is how to narrow your geographic focus.  I would suggest that you focus your effort on small area within your city, within a comfortable radius from your business. Only when manpower, money and when progressive organisation growth allows you may then want to consider expanding to a wider geographical reach.


As a small business owner, budget and resources may be very limited, the costs of advertising such as mass ie radio, newspapers, television and billboards are very likely outside the reach of a small businesses. And most probably the outlay of investment for these type of advertising will not justify your business ROI.


The fundamental truth about business 101 is you need to reach your target audience. Your target audience need to know that you are selling what you are selling! No IFs no BUTs.


Traditionally to reach your target audience, you will need to put in the “footwork” knocking on doors. You or someone else who works for you will need to knock on the doors in your targeted market area to deliver one of your business cards and promotional information or advertisement. For that matter, there are many pamphlets distribution agencies that you may use for this service, you just need to look into your mail box to see. This strategy is a tested and reliable and has been around for quite some time. The only way for it to fail is if you don’t extend your reach adequately. It is purely a number game. Take for instance, if you are go at it alone, if you disciplined enough to hit up 50 prospects each day, by the end of the week, your effort would have generated you 250 contacts and 1,000 by the end of the month. And possibly increased your current client base by 10 paying customers. The important questions that you need to answer is “What is your ROI?”, “How many of the advertising materials that you received in your mail box did you throw away?”


All is not lost, the internet has to some extent level the playing field to the benefit of small businesses. Unlike the traditional strategy that was mentioned earlier. When you built upon your website with the appropriate geo-targeted SEO campaigns to convert website visitors to new clients. Essentially you will have the similar effect, in addition you are also building an appreciating asset. Your website will eventually be your asset, an asset that you can use to promote your business over and over again. Would you prefer to put your hard earned cash into an appreciating asset like your business website or burning it through pamphlets that will be thrown away at the end of the day?


Money and time are in some way interchangeable. Spending more of one will always allow you to save more of the other. Ultimately it is your call to decide what is best for your business and its long term sustainability. Please do not hesitate to contact Huey of SmallBizSEO at 04 8888 483904 8888 4839 for an obligation free consultation to point you to the right direction.