Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Of the many methods available to generate targeted traffic to your online business, building an effective organic SEO can help in delivering more potential customers and making more sales. Using Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a proven, low cost method that places keywords or key phrases in your domain, web pages, and all copy you generate for other sites to bring customers to your online business. Organic SEO takes this a step further in that it can generally be done for free and you can build on the results.

The idea behind organic SEO is to increase the traffic that may be coming from search engines through their organic search engine rankings, any paid listings or advertising that may have been done. People who use search engines do so to get all sorts of information about a particular product or service. If your organic traffic is low, it will be reflected on the search engine ratings.

Many online businesses use paid listings which can certainly help gain visibility, but the price may be too expensive for many and paid listings often to not generate the type of results that regular search engine listings at the same location do. Paid listings can look artificial and may actually drive away some potential customers who are looking for a specific deal.

Organic SEO can best be described as when you create copy for the web, perhaps an article on another site for example. Once posted, it becomes visible to search engines that look for keywords that your article contains and indexes it in the appropriate area. So if your copy is about “widgets” for example, your article will appear on searches that have that particular keyword in it. Such a listing is known as organic SEO because it was not a paid ad that resulted in the article appearing on the search engine pages.

Using organic SEO can be an excellent, inexpensive way to have your product promoted on search engines when you create your domain and then make copy, such as postings, articles, or information that can appear on search engine pages. Obviously, the higher the listing appears on the search engine page, the more notice it will get from those who search for it. This means loading up your copy with keywords or key phrases that will result in more “hits”, thus making it appear higher on the search engine page.

Effective use of organic SEO means you spend less money on advertising and potentially create better results. Plus, the money you save can be used for an advertising campaign to take advantage of new situations or information that recently became available to your desired customer base. To go back to the “widgets” example, if a news story broke about how widgets can improve the gas mileage of certain vehicles, you can use paid advertising with that new information in it quickly then follow it up with articles or stories you create.

Used in combination with paid advertising, organic SEO can be a very effective means of finding, then cultivating a customer base that is best suited to purchase your products or services.



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