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Our no frills SEO services is not for the faint heart, you select your keywords and wait for the rankings to climb. To benefit fully from the service your website must be at least complying to minimum pre-requisites.

SEO Prices

To benefit the most from this no frills offer, here are some of the things you should have done prior to purchasing this service.

  • Make sure you create a gmail account for exclusive used for all your Google verification.
  • Make sure your webmaster check that your robot.txt is not preventing Google from crawling your site.
  • Make sure your webmaster activate Google Analytic for your website using the gmail login you created.
  • Make sure your webmaster verify your website in Google Search Console using the gmail login you created.
  • Make sure your webmaster verify both www and non-www version of your website in Google Search Console.
  • Make sure your webmaster set preference for either www and non-www to be shown to your website visitors.
  • Make sure your webmaster set country preference if your URL is not country specific.
  • Make sure your webmaster submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.
  • Make sure your webmaster deliver a website to you that is Mobile Friendly AND comply with Accelerate Mobile Page.
  • Make sure your webmaster deliver to you a website that has pagespeed of at least 85/100 for both mobile and desktop using Google Pagespeed Insight.
  • Make sure your webmaster implement schema markup for your personal profiles, business name, address and telephone, as well as stars for testimonial/ reviews on your website.
  • Make sure you have good on-page factors on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you benefit from this offer if you don’t comply to the above?
    Yes, you may but you will be essentially driving blind and takes longer to achieve the results you desire. You can’t really improve on what you don’t monitor!
  • How long before you see ranking improvements?
    It really depends on your industry and conditions of your website. The better your on-page factors the faster you will see the ranking climb. With good on-page factors you may see results with three to six months, but most small business website will usually see page #1 results within six to nine months.
  • How do I monitor keywords rankings?
    You will be provided a login to My Client Center to view and track performance.
  • You are interested but not sure?
    Feel free to call Huey at (08) 6336 9999 for a free 30 minutes complimentary discussion.

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