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A Heavenly Gastronomical Experience in a Japanese Restaurant in Perth

SEO Perth restaurants perth sushi platterI have been in Perth for almost two year, coming from Adelaide. And I was never one who was keen on going to a Japanese Restaurant Perth even though I am a big foodie because I wasn’t really very open to experimenting new cuisines, especially quirky ones like Japanese cuisine! However, last week a special occasion called for a special adventure! I wanted to try Japaneses food to my family surprise. Not knowing any good Japanese restaurant in Perth, naturally I turned to our buddy Google to recommend!

We visited this amazing Japanese restaurant in Perth CBD and it completely blew my mind about the Japanese cuisine! I realized that SEO perth restaurants perth edamameI was so wrong about the cuisine, it is absolutely fabulous and one of the best cuisines that I have tried till date! I am slowly beginning to warm up to this quirky cuisine and I feel that I am already looking forward to my next visit to this restaurant or any other Japanese restaurant Perth.

The first thing that struck me when I entered the restaurant was the ambience, it was just perfect. I couldn’t have been more content with the ambience, the food and the pocket pinch here at this Japanese restaurant Perth. It is funny how a lot of people think that they know Japanese cuisine in and out just because they have ate sushi in the past! In reality, this amazing cuisine has so much more to it apart from the well-known sushi. For starters, I decided to go for Edamame, which is a preparation made with young soyabeans SEO Perth restaurants perth soy ramenpod that are either boiled or served and are drizzled with sesame oil. The one that I ate was the steamed version and it was simply delicious.

Going to a Japanese restaurant Perth is definitely something that most people aren’t keen on, however, just like me, I am actually regretting not trying out this cuisine earlier because I simply love it! While I generally consume beer or wine if I am going in any restaurants, I decided to go with the local specialty and try out Sake for the first time! I must say that the experience was very good as I just loved the beverage. It goes great with spicy Japanese dishes.SEO Perth restaurants perth unfiltered sake

As far as the main factor is concerned, i.e. food, this restaurant scores high because the food is simply delicious! Ramen cooked in fish stock is very popular in Japan. If you wish to try out an experimental dish then you can certainly not go wrong with Takoyaki, which are Japanese pancakes whose fillings contain mayonnaise, pickled ginger, sweet sauce and Octopus or squid.

Apart from good food, the restaurant offers a very friendly host and a great environment for relaxing and socializing. If not for our buddy Google, I would not have found this wonderful Japanese Restaurant in Perth.

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A Heavenly Gastronomical Experience in a Japanese Restaurant in Perth

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