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Part of building a successful business on the internet is accurately tracking how your audience is discovering your website. Knowing who your customers are and why they are coming to see what you have to offer is paramount in knowing where to spend your marketing time and dollars. One method that can help you track where your customers come from and why they visit your site is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool in helping to find out who is visiting your site and what drew them there in the first place. Google Analytics brings you all the needed information to form an effective marketing plan, from tracking the number of “hits” on your links or affiliate products to keeping an account of they types of keywords in your posts, articles, or advertisements have the most success. You can even see if you are getting repeat customers, which are the lifeblood of expanding your business horizons.

Understanding your customer base is essential in discovering the best, most effective long tail keywords that can reach the audience you want. TV and radio ads for example are “blanket” ads that reach many, but only a few will respond. In online marketing, you want to target those who are most likely to purchase your product or service. Google Analytics is certainly one of the best, most cost effective methods for finding out the type of customers that seek your services or products you offer. That way, you can focus on the advertising or marketing methods that are most effective in bringing in the type of customer who is most likely to make the purchase.

Its relatively easy to use Google Analytics if you are familiar with Google AdWords, the interface is the same and you can get pertinent information and data contained in a series of reports. Such information can be used to gauge how well your audience is reacting to your content and what adjustments might need to be made.

Other features of Google Analytics include the ability to see the number of times a particular page is viewed and the average time that is spent a viewer spends on that page. This can be valuable information in adjusting the content of what you are trying to market. Generally speaking, the more time that is spent viewing a particular page, the more effective your page is with viewers. Of course, this average must be balanced with the total number of different people who visited that particular page.

When you analyze web traffic with Google Analytics, you can place codes on links or ads that can help you further your marketing research into finding out even more about who is clicking on the links and if they actually make a purchase.

The old saying “something is only as good as what you pay for it” doesn’t apply to Google Analytics since the service is free. This highly effective tool for managing your website optimisation and marketing campaign which costs you nothing out of pocket. Yet can help you generate as much profit as you want.

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