Don’t get sucked in by SEO Lies!

One thing that makes your SEO campaign such a high-risk endeavor is because everything is controlled by Google and you only have a very basic knowledge of the ranking factors. While we can speculate largely on trial and error and part research, what works and what do not to get ranked on Google, we can all agreed on “Content is King” to a certain extent and your website is the fundamental foundation to your online journey. There is no secret sauces and spices (besides those that are fiercely guarded in Google!). Any SEO providers that tell you they know Google’s algorithm is outright lying to your face. Here are three of my favourites

Lie #1 – We Can Guarantee A First Page Rank On Google Results Pages

There is obvious value first page rankings on of Google’s results and thus, this is where every businesses wants to be. After all, studies show that over 91 percent of all web traffic stops at page one, 4.8 percent stops looking after page two, and only 1.1 percent of web users ever make it to page three. And when you are listed on the top three of Google’s results pages, you can rest assured that you phone will start ringing!

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There is no way for an SEO firm to reliably back this promise. Actually, many reliable SEO specialist will tell you flat out that results aren’t guaranteed. Google warns SEO firms against making these promises and given that Google rules the roost, you should listen to Google – not to the companies that just want your money.

So, if anyone that tells this lie, run away quickly in the opposite direction!

Lie #2 – It will take us just one to three months to fix your SEO. Ha!

Even if you only used the Internet for the very first time in the past year, you’ve probably already seen lots of changes occurring on a regular basis. Good SEO involves diligently monitoring and working on your campaigns and adjusting strategies according to the changes being made. Google updates its algorithm all the time to give users a better overall experience and we’ve seen this with Panda, Penguin and other updates in the past. SEO is not a quick, nor set-it-and-forget-it solution to your business problems – it’s an ongoing process that requires a long-term commitment to build your traffic as show below for instance.

SmallBiz SEO Perth - It is really about the traffic
It’s Really About The Traffic!

You must always hear between what they are saying … “we will get you to page 1 in 3 months”, but what does page 1 really means? Page 1 for a keywords that nobody is really searching for? To proof a point, I am going to offer you 1 free SEO campaign for 1 geographic keywords of your choice to 1 landing page on your website, see more details click here. I will get it to page 1 and what will it do for your business? Nothing really!

It’s not about the keywords, it’s not about page 1 results … it’s really all about the traffic! It’s a number game, the more visits you have to your website, the higher the probability of someone contacting you. So the next time someone tell you about page 1 ranking, ask them instead about the upside potential of your web traffic. Just imagine for a moment, if the above traffic trend is from your website, what will it do to your business?

Lie #3 – It’s not possible to handle SEO on your own

Yes it is possible. It might take a while and you may not get the same results like the way we can. You can definitely do your own SEO. As a matter of fact, I will encourage you to do your own SEO initially before you settle to outsource your SEO works.

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When you want to engage an SEO consultant to work on your site, be sure to do your research. If they are telling you any of these lies, it’s time to start looking for another provider. Are these the only SEO lies being told to business owners? Hardly. Use good judgment when making your hiring decision. The best way to know more about a company’s abilities is by reviewing its track record and talking with its past clients, or just a simple google for their client’s testimonials.