How Your Businesses Can Overcome Your Brand Challenges

Content marketing plays a major role in building a brand on the internet. With the right content, businesses can build and optimize their brand online thereby routing traffic to their website and ultimately generating more sales. Content marketing also improves the general appearance of the business resulting in additional sales, referrals, website traffic, and the cycle repeats endlessly. Sadly, regardless of the effectiveness of marketing as a tool for branding, small and mid-level businesses are still struggling to build their brand. However, the following ideas can help in overcoming such challenges.

Brand Awareness: The Main Objective of Marketing

For you to create awareness about your brand, you need to understand the relationship between content marketing and branding. So far, most marketers already know the influence of content in boosting brands. In fact, a study conducted by Content marketing Institute (CMI) and Marketing Profs. revealed that organizations use content marketing to raise the awareness of their brands. In fact, 79 per cent of the surveyed marketers concurred with the statement. In addition, objectives that scored highly include customer acquisition at 71 percent, customer loyalty at 65 percent, engagement at 64 percent, and web traffic at 62 percent with brand awareness standing at 80 percent thus superseding the rest. That study hence proves that most businesses use content marketing as a tool to improve their online branding.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Good content brings in more website traffic, sales, and branding. With branding as the focus, 66 percent of the total marketers surveyed said that success in generating more web traffic is the determinant. That is according to a research conducted by CMI and Marketing Profs. Still on that line, 52 percent said that they determine success by observing sharing on social media, with 46 percent observing time used on a website, while 44 percent said they determine success by looking at direct and other sales.

Challenges Faced During Brand Building via Content

Marketing on the internet using content remains the best method of brand building and website traffic generation. However, despite how easy it sounds, doing it comes with its fair share of challenges. First, many small businesses do not have adequate resources to pay for quality content. A study conducted by CMI and Marketing Profs revealed that out of the total respondents in the survey, 24 percent cited time constraint as the major challenge, 16 percent cited unavailability of finances, and 10 percent cited production of adequate content. From the above information, note that the required resources in brand building through content include money, time, and technical skills.

Finding a Common Solution

After understanding the main objectives of a business discussed above and the challenges faced in attaining the set goals, and realizing how business owners fail to move ahead due to these challenges, now comes the good part. You can set yourself apart from the rest by avoiding all those bottlenecks by simply working with our company. Recently, Aweber conducted a survey and found out that the CEO in a small business entity doubles as the main marketer, a situation that forces him or her to prioritize business management with marketing taking second place and branding featuring nowhere at all.

In such a setting, CEOs only realize the importance of branding when customers start going to competitors who brand more and this should not happen in your case. Understand that you cannot add the hours of the day but you can still do everything else by letting us do the marketing for you by allocating a small amount to branding. Only you can run your business but the importance of marketing makes it necessary to outsource with companies that deal in content marketing and branding so that you can use the saved time to run your business smoothly.

What Your Brand Requires

Your brand requires content that can engage customers for purposes of brand optimization as well as generation of traffic so you need to know what form of content can play both roles successfully. The options you can take include requesting the marketing company to create SEO articles, the use of press releases, and product pages. To come up with engaging content, find out the kind of format your audience likes and the best formats include videos and articles. GFK conducted a research and discovered that decision makers in business prefer getting company information through articles as compared to advertisement and marketers confirmed it.

In a survey conducted by Custom Content Council, 72 percent of the respondents concurred that branded content works better than advertisements placed on magazines. On the other hand, videos also come in handy in marketing and Accenture found out that 90 percent of customers watch online videos while the report presented by Animoto revealed that 96 percent of the customers said they make buying decisions assisted by videos. Seventy one percent of the clients said that watching corporate videos gave them a positive impression concerning the brand.

Content Optimisation

Common approaches for online marketing require you to optimize content by making it more accessible in search engines. To do this, you need to categorize and tag the content properly. Therefore, include Meta tags or keywords that enhance communication with various search engines such as Google. You must also customize your content by balancing and mixing vital messages because by doing so, you not only address brand and target market needs but you also enhance the outlook of your business. Growing marketers take this approach and 79 percent of marketers surveyed by Forrester relayed that their companies now shift to branded content.

What Clients Need

Your clients do appreciate when you talk of them, their demands, and how you can meet these demands, but know that they still need to know you more. For them to show loyalty, clients need reassurance that they can trust you as a brand. In fact, a recent study by Nielsen showed that 62 percent of users opt for brands they know well about instead of trying out new sellers. With that in mind, you can take advantage of the situation and get the clients to know you by highlighting the strengths of the business and making prospective and veteran clients know why dealing with you can satisfy all their needs.

Doing so might force you to put more effort because branded articles as well as videos prove a little hard to create. However, in case the approach bears fruits as you anticipated, the web traffic your business required will come in droves. In addition, you will stand in a position to build and optimize the brand and your business will experience high and speedy growth.

What Next?

After going through the above options and the challenges, you definitely need a reliable agency that can make your brand a success especially during start-up because businesses face major financial drawbacks when you begin operating for the first time.

SmallBiz SEO Perth can assist you in the building and optimisation of your brand on the internet by using content. We work by combining the influence of articles as well as that of videos in a way that brings traffic to your website and with minimum effort on your side because we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Give us a call at 08-6336-9999, or send a message for us to arrange a free consultation session on the optimising your brand.


How Your Businesses Can Overcome Your Brand Challenges

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