Your potential customers are searching for products and services through various channels. They also use these channels to connect with brands. Will they find you? What will they see?

Aside from using the major search engines, your potential customers are also using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks to find the products or services that you offer. They search in the blogging community and in local business directories. They also land on press release sites and other web pages. Is your brand […]

Breast Augmentation Websites Getting Discovered

Say your website is about “breast augmentation” or you are a cosmetic surgeon, what is your biggest challenge? You may have even asked “why you are not getting the leads that you hope for”. It is known that you must first be discovered or listed on top places of search engine result pages to get the […]

Plastic surgeons and SEO

Every business owners who has a website knows that their websites need traffic, they need visitors for its long term viability. They need visitors or leads that may be converted to customers, but what are they doing about it? This is no different from plastic surgeons’ website. Among the best websites I am seeing belong […]

Beyond Traditional: Online Marketing Tips for Your Dental Business


In the traditional marketing age, flyers, brochures, billboard and coupons used to be the most popular means of promoting a product or a business. However, since the birth of the Internet and other technologies, these methods were eclipsed by digital marketing. With the rapid growth of people using the internet and the change in their […]

Open wide and Put Some Teeth into Your Online Marketing


As dentists, your most valued number has always been 32, or the total number for a complete set of teeth. But there are now also other numbers and figures to consider with the Internet being such a big part of people’s lives. Here are some quick stats to chew on: 8 out of 10 say […]

SEO Optimisation

One of the most common practices of getting material seen on search engines involves customising the content through SEO optimisation. This is the method of using keywords or key phrases that will give the written material the best chance of appearing as much near the top of a search engine page as possible. This results […]